Volvo L3304 PV9031 (Valp cabrio)

Volvo L3304 PV9031 (Valp cabrio)

€ 15250

Very rare Volvo L3304 / PV9031. The L3304 has the same chassis as and is technically identical to the L3314, but has a different body.

Originally built for the Swedish army, later taken over by the fire brigade. Application in the fire service is unfortunately unknown, but given the very low mileage it will not have been used much.

Vehicle is in very good condition, no rust, not on the frame or body. All lighting in order. The original B18 4-cylinder starts immediately and runs nicely.

Original roll cage is present and will be included.

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Make Volvo
Type L3304 / PV9031
Year 1965
Title Dutch
Mileage 20.000km
Capacity 1800cc
Cilinders 4
Fuel Petrol
Power 85HP
Gearbox Manual 4 speed
Transfer case 2x4 / 4x4 / high / low
Difflocks No
Powersteering No

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