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BDL Trading

BDL Trading is a small company based in The Netherlands, and has grown out of its owners passion for offroad vehicles. Not the ones everyone knows already, but the more specific cars and trucks. The ‘hard-to-get’ vehicles, and the ‘what-on-earth-is-that’ vehicles! We are searching the planet for all types of special cars, vans and trucks, but there’s always one criterium: they should be allwheel drive! No matter if that is 4x4, 6x6 or even 8x8.

People who know the company already will know that the Volvo TGB series is a returning guest in the BDL fleet. Great design, very high ground clearance and build for the military forces, that means build to last! If you might be interested in the particular serie of vehicles, please take a look at the vehicles page. We've got always some TGB series on stock, the perfect car for building your own overlander!

As BDL Trading is just a small company you’ll always have contact with the same person, Bram de Laat, who keeps the overview from the beginning till the end of the search request, purchase or project.

We are looking forward to hear from you, feel free to contact us!

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How can we help you?

You are looking for an awesome offroad or overlanding vehicle, but you don't know where to find it? Or maybe you already found one but you don't know how to buy and ship it? We are there to help you out! Please contact us through one of the buttons below, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible!